About PSL

The Premiere Sailing League will increase awareness of the sport with an innovative approach, to every aspect from boat usage to who can put together a team, to stadium sailing geared to bring new fans to the sport.



The purpose of the Premiere Sailing League is to provide a platform where all sailors from different backgrounds can compete in a fun, dynamic fast-paced competition that has been conceived and structured to be easily understood by the media and non-sailing audiences.


Premiere Sailing League Fact Sheet:

  • Sailors from any club, sailing center, school, academy, college or maritime academy can join in on the fun.
  • Four sailors are chosen by their respective sailing organizations and are required to have basic knowledge of the racing rules of sailing.
  • The sailors are allowed to rotate positions on the boat throughout the entire series, if they choose.
  • The League is looking for the best team, not the best skipper.
  • There is no crew weight limit
  • Each boat’s rigging is pre-tuned, and adjustments are limited to sail settings, travelers, fairleads, vangs and such.
  • The racing format is fast and simple: short windward/leeward courses and, depending on the wind, as many as 20 races a day.
  • The teams for each race are picked at random for the first race, then rotated so all teams get to race against each other.

Stadium Districts