Clothing Regulations


Participating sailing organizations must outfit their team members to enable spectators and the media to follow the competition.  Each member of the crew will wear a jersey with highly-visible numbers (in a color contrasting to the jersey), indicating their position on the team:

  • Numbers   1 – 15: Helmsman
  • Numbers 16 – 40: Main/Jib/Gennaker/Spinnaker – Trimmer
  • Numbers 41 – 55: Bow
  • Numbers 56 – 64: Tactician/Strategist
  • Numbers 65 – 70: Navigator
  • Numbers 71 – 80: Pit/Runner
  • Numbers 81 – 90: Internal team use
  • Numbers 91 – 99: Professional
  • Numbers  0 or 00: Team Mascot

Team coaches will be identified with the word Coach on the back of their jersey.

Jersey Design:

The long or short-sleeved jersey must be able to be worn over a life jacket (PFD), which must always be worn on the water during racing. The sailor’s surname will be on the back of the jersey, below the number that indicates his or her position on the boat.

Each team may have their sponsor advertising on the front of the jersey, with the team logo on the left front side. The clothing manufacturer’s logo may be on the front or on the sleeves. The right sleeve is exclusively reserved for use by the Premiere Sailing League. The left sleeve is reserved for national sponsors of the Premiere Sailing League and will only be used at the District and National Final levels. All other clothing (shoes, pants, etc.) must be safe and appropriate for the daily weather conditions. The jerseys may be worn at other international regattas.