Season Explanation


The Premiere Sailing League Season starts beginning of August and ends mid-November.
This is the only opportunity in the U.S.A where all Districts can compete at the same time.

District Qualification Regattas:

  • District Qualification Regattas are determined by the amount of participants.
  • The Teams should have less than a 2 hour drive to the host venue.
  • The Regatta takes place on a Weekend; Friday to Sunday.
  • The District Qualification Regattas will take place over the course of several weekends.
  • The best three Teams of each District Regatta will go to the District Finals.

District Finals:

  • The District Finals will commence after all Qualification Regattas are done.
  • One Venue in each District will host the District Finals.
  • The amount of Teams in each District will vary according to participants.
  • The District Finals will take place on a Weekend; Friday to Sunday.
  • The best of four Teams of each District will go to the National Final.

National Final:

The Premiere Sailing League will host the National Final every year at a different Location in the U.S.A.
16 Teams total will participate for the National Sailing Cup.